Review by Piers Anthony


I was honored today to receive a book review from the greatly esteemed Piers Anthony. His review reveals a bit more than I have up to this point, but there aren’t too many spoilers. Without further ado, the review of Names of Power: The Angel


“You might take this for a juvenile, as the protagonist Ren is sixteen, with a brother Bo, fourteen, living with their father, perfectly ordinary teens. There’s no sex or sexually suggestive material. But it might be stiff going for a juvenile, because they get into serious mischief. It starts when a new neighbor moves in, with a couple of dachshunds, that is, wiener dogs. Few things are as they first seem, and the story quickly escalates into an ugly mystery: something is killing people by breaking their legs and eating their hearts and brains. It turns out to be werewolves, and worse, Bo becomes one. Every full moon he has to go out to feed on folk. Ren—well, she’s the angel of the title, but she’s not exactly angelic in the innocent sense, and her process of self discovery is difficult and not always pleasant. Before she is done she must become a martial artist and be ready to kill. This is one wild, hard-hitting fantasy with a constant chain of surprises. By the end Ren is ready for future challenges; I suspect other names of power will come on the scene in subsequent volumes.”     -Piers Anthony



Published by

Travis Galvan

Travis Galvan is the author of the Names of Power book series, and co-founder of Indubitably Press.

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