Get Ten Chapters Free!

I am very excited to announce that we’ve added a link to the official Names of Power page where you can read the first ten chapters for free! You can read it directly from the page, or you can download it to your device and read it later. Please enjoy and share it with your friends. Thank you!

Now for Sale – Names of Power: The Angel

NoP TA Front CoverThe proofing process went wonderfully and we’re proud to announce we’re ready to print and deliver premium finish softcover books directly to your home.

To purchase, please click the buy link on the official Names of Power webpage:
Names of Power

FYI… We’ve also submitted the book to to be made available on Kindle. We should be approved and listed within in the next 3 days (April 18-20). Thank you!

I Received My First Proof Copy!

I received my first proof copy today! I have to say, it’s an amazing feeling to hold my own words in true book form. The matte finish feels fantastic in the hand. The cream color pages are easy to read. The layout is beautiful. Even the back cover brings me joy!

I did find a few small places where I could improve the look of the final product. Then again, that’s the whole point of the proof copy :). I’ve already updated the files and sent them to the printer for approval. Hopefully we’ll have links available on the primary webpage for readers to start purchasing on Monday or Tuesday.ProofPrint2

I can’t sleep, my dream was too good!

I had a dream that I wrote a scene for one of the books in the series. Now that I’m awake, it feels like book 4 material, so it will be a while before any of you see it. It was so fun that it actually woke me up with excitement, and now I can’t go back to sleep … so I have to write it to get it out of my system before I’ll be able to sleep again! I’ll leave one clue, which readers of Book 2 may catch onto: Bozart