My First Social Media Milestone

I’m getting into the social media aspect of book promotion late in the game. I should have started this a year ago. That said, I’m doing alright for only having publication related social media accounts active for the last four days. I’ve had to rebuild my Facebook page three times already, but I’m very happy with where that is now. I don’t foresee another rebuild on that one, ever.

My twitter account was lucky enough that I could just do a cosmetic rename on it. As a result, my follows on that account haven’t been negatively impacted and in only four days, as of just a few minutes ago, I’m up to 201 followers! WOOT!

I know that’s not a very high bar, but considering it’s only been four days and the book isn’t even in print yet, I’d call that a victory.


Published by

Travis Galvan

Travis Galvan is the author of the Names of Power book series, and co-founder of Indubitably Press.

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